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Creative Development and Video Production

Creative Development

We take into consideration the avenue you are using for video placement, your target audience, desired visuals, and the mood or emotional response you want to evoke, and our whole team works together to create a concept that is marketable and will translate well to video.

Script Writing

HouseTwelve Media is experienced in scriptwriting for dialogues, monologues, and voiceovers. Language must be comfortable, yet concise, not clumsy and not too wordy–it’s an artform! There are many elements that you must keep in mind, and creating a solid script upfront can save a bundle down the road!

Graphic Design

Design is an integral part of your video: title screens, lower thirds, motion graphics, menus, labels and packaging. We can keep them consistent with current branding, or create an entirely new look for you. We can create print or web designs to support your video marketing campaign, or help you build your brand from scratch.


Whether you need a documentary crew or DP for a short film; music video shoot or live music performance filmed; video editorial, advertorial, tutorial or testimonial; if you need HD digital video, HouseTwelve can film it. 

Video Editing

The magic happens in editing! Video editing is an art, but today’s professional software also requires technical proficiency. We have honed our editing skills artistically as well as our entire editing workflow and technique. We can optimize your web video for online platforms, prepare video for broadcast, or deliver on master DVD.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics and info graphics are a handy tool when illustrating abstract ideas, hypotheticals or anything you can’t get live footage of. They can be used alone, to create an entire video, or in conjunction with live footage, in a number of different ways, for a number of different purposes. 

Video Finishing

Once we are done shooting and editing, we can take your video to it’s final destination. Our expertise is web video, and we able to optimize your video for any online video service such as YouTube, Vevo or Vimeo and for any mobile device. We can deliver broadcast videos on tape or digitally, or handle DVD and Blu-Ray authoring. 

Studio Rental

Our photography/video studio is available for rent on a per project basis by the day or half-day. Very affordable rates! Contact us for a rental availability, equipment packages or more information.


We can get you going! We understand that a lot of companies don’t know where to start when it comes to video. Sometimes you just need to sit down and talk it out, we can help. 

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This Is HouseTwelve

Boutique Visual Media Agency in Rochester, NY

HouseTwelve Media is a visual media and video production company located in Rochester, NY. We specialize in creative development, photography, and production of web-based corporate and commercial videos.

Elizabeth Mason

Owner/Video Producer

Our mission is to go above and beyond client expectations in creativity and ingenuity, to deliver superb quality that is financially attainable and really, really cool. And for everyone to have fun doing it.

Elizabeth Mason

Our focus is in video production, but as professionals with over 28 years of combined experience in video, design, and photography, we also provide all the supporting services your marketing campaign–or company–could need! From branding and e-commerce development to photography and print design, our team is ready to handle projects large and small. We are licensed and fully insured.

As artists, we strive to deliver a creative concept with purpose. Video and design styles, techniques and artistry are adapted to be appropriate for the nature of each individual project.




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