We are an award winning, boutique video production studio based in Rochester, NY. We conceptualize, shoot and edit web-based commercial and corporate films, documentaries, music videos and more.

We Like To Mix It Up

We work on all kinds of projects for clients big and small.

Promotional films

Our corporate and commercial work includes any type of video you might find on a business’s website: the obligatory About Us video, product demonstrations, testimonials, recruitment videos and more. Also includes pre-roll advertising and social media videos.

Music Videos

We love music videos. We’ve met cool people and done crazy things for the sake of getting the shot. They can be tons of fun, but loads of work too, from multi-camera shoots of live performances to full productions with hair and makeup. We can work with all kinds of budgets and help you develop a vision.


Fashion requires a special kind of flare that isn’t found in most corporate work. Creativity can be unleashed, and the style of the video can showcase the client’s artistry and personality. Think: behind the scenes on photoshoots, about the designers, the making-of, and product videos.

Social Justice

We are always honored when we have the opportunity to use our talents to promote a good cause. We’ve worked on a variety of documentary projects to support social justice and racial equality, and collaborated with other women owned businesses on commercial shoots.

we specialize in the visual content your audience consumes and the digital platforms where they live. we bring ideas to life, tell stories, evoke emotions, and deliver messages. cameras are our tools, the same way pots and pans are for a chef. our real asset is the experience, knowledge, passion and drive that allows us to take videos and images and plant them into the context that will yield results.

We Are Located in the High Falls Neighborhood in Rochester, NY




All of our clients have the option of using our video studio at no additional cost when they use our video production services. Our studio is a convenient and comfortable space to shoot simple, talking-head videos or interviews. We have standard black, white and green screen backgrounds available, along with a variety of creative alternatives. We can also build a backdrop to fit your specific requirements!

Our space is also available for rent–not only for video and photo shoots, but it is suitable for a variety of creative uses and events.

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We Believe in good work and good causes

we are passionate about projects in which creativity and social causes collide. our goal is to attack each project as its own endeavor, and challenge our clients' limits and expectations with ideas and solutions they hadn't thought of.

we love our clients

Let's Do Some Good Work Together