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We Are Creatives

HouseTwelve is an award winning video production studio in Rochester, NY.

We specialize in the visual content your audience consumes, and the digital platforms where they live, like websites and social media.
We bring ideas to life, tell stories, evoke emotions, and deliver messages.
Cameras are our tools, the same way pots and pans are for a chef. Our real asset is the experience, knowledge, passion and drive that allow us to take videos and images and plant them into the context that will yield results.

We Think Big Picture

Your video doesn’t live in a vacuum.

In order to ensure your video succeeds, we think beyond the production itself.

With backgrounds in design, photography and marketing, we don’t stop at the video. Dynamic concepts, stunning visuals and compelling stories won’t help if nobody sees it. 

Whether that means collaborating with your in-house team, or serving as your marketing department, will help you build a strategy for you video.


In a nutshell.

Visual Media Agency

HouseTwelve Media is a visual media and video production company located in Rochester, NY. We specialize in creative development, photography, and production of creative, web-based corporate and promotional videos, music videos and documentaries.


We handle a wide range of projects with ease, be it fast turn arounds or ongoing work on retainer. We can manage any aspect of a project that you don’t want to handle in-house—scripting, storyboarding, planning, editing—but we can also show up and shoot when it’s called for. 


Over ten years of experience means you can hire us with confidence. We are fully insured, with professional back-up systems, and all the necessary tools for the job. A year from now, if you need your video updated—we’ll be here, along with the original files. 


 Our spacious studio provides a convenient location for any type of video shoot you have in mind. Production and post-production equipment and services are on site, and guests have access to amenities such as a full kitchen, and wi-fi.  


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