This is HouseTwelve

Our studio was founded in Rochester, NY in 2012. Our goal was to be accessible and easy to work with, while delivering high quality video services for the developing web video market.


We shoot exclusively with our own equipment, which means no rental fees to pass on to our clients. Owning our gear ensures a level of comfort and familiarity with the equipment that translates into faster, more efficient shoots.


While most of our shoots occur at our clients' locations, we can accommodate small shoots in our own studio. Filming in our studio means no rental fees, and the added convenience of being able to easily book your preferred date without working around larger studio schedules.

Who We
Work With

We work with clients across all industries, because it's not about what you do, but how we can help your business.

Our Experience

Our clients include large corporations and universities, local small businesses and artists, medical professionals, non-profits, professional services, manufacturers, and large agencies. This means we likely have experience with projects just like yours.

Food & Beverage


Colleges & Universities


& Creatives


Professional Services


Start-Ups &
Small Businesses


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