Busy In the Video Production Realm

It’s been a very busy year so far, which is great! Created a lot of new websites, wrapped up some videos, scheduled some shoots, and some meetings for potential new projects.

The Documentary

The website is just about up and running! The demo/promo/sneak peak/teaser or whatever it’s called is done, AND our next shoot dates are scheduled! This time I will be traveling to Maryland’s Eastern Shore with a stop in the DC area for several key interviews. The documentary team isn’t quire sure why we didn’t document our own journey over the course of the first few interviews, but we definitely will be going forward.

The HouseTwelve Promo Video

I’ve been wanting to do this for the past year or so, but knew I needed the perfect idea before I tackled it. I think I’ve got it! Shooting won’t start before it’s 100% sketched out, but I’m almost there, and really want to have it done before wedding season is in full swing. Keep an eye out!