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Camera Quality

A lot of people have been asking what kind of camera I use lately, which I believe is actually a question of very little significance! [ut_blockquote_left] I would like to clear up this misconception that the quality is in the camera. [/ut_blockquote_left]

First, there ARE some times when a specific camera will matter:

  • If you’re looking to shoot in super slow motion, you will need a specific camera for that.
  • If you have existing footage, and you want to make sure it matches exactly, using the same camera (and lens) will help, but there are still a number of other variables that an exact match will depend on.

It’s true that some cameras are better than others, and it’s important to make sure that you’re using the right camera for the job. But the greatest camera in world in the hands of somebody who doesn’t know how to use it won’t give you outstanding quality. A great camera without the peripheral supports and tools, won’t give you spectacular results.

On the other hand, a fantastic cinematographer can do amazing things, even with a mediocre camera! When looking at a photo or video, don’t underestimate how much of what you see is the camera operator’s experience–that is where quality really comes from.