How Will You Adapt?

Covid changed the world, change your business with it.

Moving Forward

HouseTwelve is ready to partner with local businesses to develop creative solutions to the challenges we are facing today.

Online Learning

The online learning market is rapidly expanding. Web based training videos is not new to us, we've created several series across a variety of topics using a variety of platforms. We can help you monetize your knowledge by developing your video classes for an existing platform, or create a self-hosted learning management platform and website for you.

Online Sales

Now may be the right time to start your own e-commerce website, or add a sales page to an existing site. We can handle your product photography, product videography, and your website for an easy and streamlined experience, all while social distancing.

Create Experiences

Times of crisis can lead to innovation and adaptations that nobody expected. Video has become more prominent than ever. New ways to harness video to provide the experiences we're all missing are waiting to be discovered. We're ready to help.
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