Introducing Flat Rate Pricing

Our flat rate pricing means you hire us on a per-service/per-month basis, and will always know what you're paying. It's super easy, convenient and transparent.

Why Flat Rate?

We understand that everyone has a budget and has to be conscious of it, but after years of watching clients forego options that we knew would make a better product, we had to do something. A flat monthly rate means the client doesn't have to worry about adding a second or third day of production, or asking for another round of revisions, or starting over from scratch!

Who Benefits From Flat Rate Pricing?

The flat rate works best for clients with large, complicated or multi-faceted projects that have fixed timeframes. For example, company-wide headshots at multiple locations--with our fixed rate you won't have to worry about scheduling conflicts or location changes. It's also great for branding projects and web development, so you can make the most out of our services without worrying about hours invested.

How Does It Work?

The client determines what services they needed, purchase each on a monthly basis, and renew as needed. There is no minimum required. We allow a 7 day grace period at the end of each month to wrap up any projects before a second month is billed. If delivery is delayed on our end, we do not bill any additional fees unless the client requests additional changes.

Do I Have To?

No! We can discuss the pros and cons, but not all projects will benefit from flat rate pricing. Those that are very limited in scope will most likely benefit from our traditional pricing structure, which is still an option for everybody. We also still have special pricing for local artists that need promotional or music videos.

What's In The Fine Print?

Only qualifying projects are eligible for flat rate billing. Project specific proposals are still an option for small projects or projects outside the scope of qualifying services. The flat rate covers all of our in-house services, but expenses (location rentals, models, custom music scores, etc.) are not included. There is no minimum months required, but 6 month contracts receive a 10% discount, and 12 month contracts qualify for a 20% discount.
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