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  • High-quality college or university promotional video can go a long way in recruiting new students. Our goal is to showcase your campus in a way that captures the spirit and unique aspects that make your school different.

    We understand the impact the right video can make; moreover, we understand how images and editing can influence prospective students and investors. Our college recruiting videos do more than attract new students—they set a precedent and further establish your school’s identity.

    Every school is different, and no one knows your school better than you and your students. Once we understand your school after a thorough consultation and perhaps some student interviews, we know how to capture its many characteristics—both big and small. From the students and faculty to the classrooms and architecture, we make your school the center of attention.

    At HouseTwelve Media, we believe in collaboration. The story you want to tell is up to you, but trust that we know how to tell it best. No matter what you wish to do, we know how to bring it to life. There’s more to college recruiting videos than just pointing and shooting with a high-end camera. We take all aspects of film into account, specifically staging, cinematography, and editing. When it comes to your video, every detail matters—and in order to be successful every detail must enact an emotional and cognitive response in the viewer.

    Once we’ve collected all the footage and pieced everything together, you’re more than welcome to utilize the video however and wherever you see fit. Clients typically utilize our work on their school’s main website as well as social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. If you’re ready to shoot a university promotional video in Rochester, contact HouseTwelve Media today.

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