May 22, 2013 / by admin

Rochester, NY, Video Editing Services

Our video editing services in Rochester, NY, are where the magic happens. While we understand that video editing is an art, we also know that using today’s professional software requires a high degree of technical proficiency. At HouseTwelve Media, we’ve honed our editing skills and our technique to produce some of Rochester, NY’s best video editing services.

While we infuse our expertise into the details, our process ensures that the wants and needs of our clients are front and center. We masterfully blend style, color, effects, and music to create a final product.

Our in-house video editing services are even available for footage we didn’t shoot. In addition, we can create promo and trailer videos out of previously completed videos, or enhance a video work with color grading, special effects, motion graphics, animations, or 3D rendering. If you have a preference, or a working file, we can use the FinalCut Suite, Adobe Suite, Cinema 4D, Maya, or LightWave. Contact us today to get started.