Video Production

We are masters of the interview style video, what an emphasis on cinematic quality b-roll. But more than anything, we're about a success, which starts with a solid foundation for your project and consistent execution every step of the way.
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video content is the web's golden child

We focus on web-based videos––the types you would see on a company's website, Youtube channel or social media.
  • Video Production Services
  • We specialize in web-based content, across a wide spectrum of industries and categories.
  • Promotional Videos
  • Social media videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Product videos, tutorials, educational & training videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Recruiting videos, profile videos
  • Internal video memos, training videos
  • Documentaries, music videos, actor/model demo reels


You know you need a video, but you don't know where to start? We offer free consultations to help you get started. As a full service agency, we are able to provide all pre-production, production, and post-production in house, which offers a seamless experience for our clients. When we create a concept, script and storyboard for your project, you know that we will execute production and editing with consistency. For clients willing to tackle some of the pre-production pieces on their own, we are available to consult and provide resources to guide you. While this can be an excellent option for clients on a tight budget, the success of your video is always most important!
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HouseTwelve offers professional HD and 4K videography services to clients coast to coast. Our production services are available at your location or at ours. We offer experienced 2-3 person crews (with or without editing services) for a flat day-rate. In addition, HouseTwelve provides all camera, support, lighting, and audio equipment. We can also provide additional crew members, specialized equipment (underwater, timelapse, etc.), and sound stage rentals, which are not included in our day rate. Our flat rate includes travel up to 50 miles; additional fees may apply for distances beyond that radius.
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Video Editing

Editing is where the magic happens. While we understand that video editing is an art, we also know that using today’s professional software requires a high degree of technical proficiency. While we infuse our expertise into the details, our process ensures that the wants and needs of our clients are front and center. We masterfully blend style, color, effects, and music to create a final product. Our in-house video editing services are even available for footage we didn’t shoot. In addition, we can create promo and trailer videos out of previously completed videos, or enhance a video work with color grading, special effects, motion graphics, animations, or 3D rendering. If you have a preference, or a working file, we can use the FinalCut Suite, Adobe Suite, Cinema 4D, Maya, or LightWave.

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